We are constantly asked one question over and over again: “Who came up with this idea?

My wife always points to me, but I certainly wasn’t the first to put a pizza oven on the back of a truck. How we came to operate this traveling pizzeria is a long story, but I will tell you that I designed our rig from the chassis up to carry the largest wood fired oven made commercially, weighing in at almost 7000 lbs.

With the help of some very talented local craftsmen we transformed an old 4700 Crew Cab International lift bed truck from South Carolina into our traveling pizzeria. Truth be told, I had as much fun building and designing this truck as I do making pizza!

Chef David Britton

Chef David Britton

Our second truck along with our Wing Wagon are now on the road. Our 10 foot Argentinian grill, or as we call it, the Wing Wagon, can tag along and is perfect for all things that roast on a spit over an open flame.

Whatever your event, we travel to you and prepare artisan wood fired pizza live at your location. There’s no need for formal seating or fancy service so everyone can just relax, have fun and enjoy the show. We serve 14” handcrafted thin crust pies and toss our own dough using the best cheeses, crushed  tomatoes and the freshest, tastiest ingredients available.

We say, “A minute to make, and a minute to bake!” The high intensity wood fired oven at 700 degrees, cooks pizza crispy with slight charring around the edges. All of our pizzas are made fresh-to-order and guests enjoy watching the pies being made. We cook a variety of pies and make what we think your guests will love. We’re happy to consider requests and will bring special ingredients if we know ahead of time including gluten free and whole wheat crusts.

We can create a custom menu to fit any event. Just feed us your ideas!

— Chef David Britton

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